Granite Memorial Benches Troy, OH

Your loved one has passed away and you miss them dearly. Did they have a favorite spot at your community park where they would love to sit and everyone knew their name? You want to honor them and remember that place as a location you hold dear. A memorial bench constructed by our headstone company can be the perfect way of creating a long-lasting legacy. We construct and memorial benches in cemeteries, parks, and many other places that provide comfort and rest to those reflecting on past memories. We have years of experience creating different types of memorial benches for our clients, with the most popular being a memorial garden bench. 

Physical and Spiritual Relief
Memorial benches are not just beautiful sculptures meant to look at, they are tangible pieces of art that serve as physical and spiritual relief for the living. Whether your memorial bench is in the resting place of a cemetery of the person who is not long with us or it’s in a public area with high foot traffic, it will be a place that provides rest both in body and mind. There are many ways to pay tribute to a loved one and a memorial bench with a plaque embedded has become an increasingly popular approach because of it’s thoughtfulness, beauty and ability to be used an a practical object that provides an opportunity for personal reflection.

Visual Appeal
Since ancient times, we as a people have used memorials to beautify and memorialize our loved one.  These memorials are of great visual appeal that have endured the test of time. Your memorial bench can have the same impact for you and your family and friends. When we create a memorial garden bench, it is not just a place to sit. It is also an opportunity to customize a memorial for your loved one through sandblasting and design that will bring out their character and personality for generations to come.

Tell a Story
If you have even encountered a statue or plaque, it is typical for it to tell the story of a honored person or significant event. They are important details that are meant to provide shine a light on so that everyone who passes can know and the story becomes a legacy and a tangible part of history. Memorial benches have that ability to provide not just solace, but also tell the story of your love one. We are even able to create a hidden compartment in your bench sculpture to hold personal items and mementos that will tell the story of your loved one even more and serve as a time capsule reminder that will benefit whomever you wish to tell. We are passionate about helping you tell the story of your loved one with the creation of a personal memorial bench that is enjoyed and experienced by anyone who passes by.
A Place of Healing
As a professional headstone company, we have a high degree of understanding and empathy for families going through difficult times. We know the healing power memorial benches can achieve when they are constructed in a way that truly honors the life of the person who passed. Creating a legacy and honoring your loved one is our first priority. Our detailed oriented team provides customized attention so that your memorial bench becomes a place of healing that you and your family will not hesitate to use for that purpose. For some people this is a place were the loved one may have frequented that was full of people, giving wide access to the community at-large and for others, the location may be one that is filled with nature and blends with the natural environment. Whatever the scenario, you will find our memorial benches are made with quality and care.