Cemetery Mausoleums Troy, OH

Mausoleums are structures that have been in existence for centuries in order to bury the remains of the deceased. Many are so well known that they have become part of our global history, as in the case of the Taj Mahal and the ancient pyramids of Egypt. They have stood the test of time and have become famous around the world for their architecture and structure. When you choose to honor your loved one with a mausoleum, there is no doubt that they will be held in high regard to all. We have an exceptional reputation for creating beautiful structures that endure for generations. We take great pride in our ability to provide high quality memorials that you will feel proud to have represent your family members.

Like other burial memorials, a mausoleum is a sacred space that show deep respect for the life of the deceased. We take great pride in our ability to construct peaceful environments that are held sacred by family and the public. Inside you will find the privacy you need to reflect on the life of your loved one. A mausoleum is often a good strategy for solitude when a family is seeking far more privacy than a simply erecting a traditional headstone and underground burial. Many families choose this design to create a beautiful monument that is both functional and practical and we can do the same for you, making it a place you will feel at peace to visit.

Unite Families
Burial space for entire families make mausoleums one of the most popular constructions for memorials. This offers a meaningful choice that provides better options for a large family. When spouses and their children wish to be buried together in a private space, a mausoleum can offer a wide variety of customization. We provide clients with individualized care so that the design of the burial space is sacred and peaceful but also a beautiful testament to family bonds.

Eco Friendly Burial
A mausoleum is a thoughtful strategy for families who not only want to remain together for burial, it is also an eco friendly approach to space. Rather than a using land for one person in a traditional burial these structures are able to provide many people with a resting place. This means families do not have to find other space, and for a great many families this is an increasingly important factor. In a world where people care increasingly more about the environment, a burial that maximizes space is a far more appealing strategy that has significantly less harmful impact.

Visual Appeal
You and your loved one likely have a great many memories and though they can’t replace the life that was lost, you can most certainly pay homage to those significant events. A mausoleum offers a approach to recording that history but allowing loved one to display personal pictures and items of importance so that everyone who visits is able to understand and appreciate the life of the deceased. The sacred space become a place of precious history that will be  seen and remembered for generations to come.