Grave Markers Troy, OH

Customizing a grave marker (sometimes also referred to as a “flat headstone”) for that special person is often an overwhelming experience for families. Troy Headstones makes it easy for you to select among our wide variety of grave marker designs to make a difficult process as hassle-free as possible. Grave markers often times are the only type of headstone that a cemetery will allow to be placed as a memorial. Often times, this is because the cemetery is conscience of the limited space in the cemetery they are working with. Also, some cemeteries prefer flat headstones so that mowers can mow over the top of the grave marker and don’t have to worry about any damage to the headstone or bringing out a weed-wacker for further lawn maintenance. One of the pros of memorializing your loved one with a granite grave marker is that they are typically less expensive than the traditional upright headstones. However, the downfall of grave markers is that because they are flat, they are not as easy to see in the cemetery and you may have to spend a little longer finding the exact location of your loved one.

In addition to custom designs, we also have templated designs that we can use for our flat grave markers. In fact, if you are in need of completing a grave marker fairly quickly, we have over 20 templates to choose from that we can have completed in 10 business days. If time is against you and you need to have a grave marker completed quickly, simply give us a call and ask about our rush memorial options.

Grave Marker Prices Troy, OH

Grave marker prices are going to depend on the size of the marker as well as the granite color of choice. Also, prices can vary depending on whether you add any additional features to the headstone, such as a picture or vase. If you are looking at flat grave markers online for your love one, the best thing to do would be to give us a call to discuss what type of grave marker you are needing, a single or companion. From there, we will be able to give you accurate prices based on granite color. While we don’t sell “cheap grave markers” due to cheap material not lasting as long as granite, we do have some very affordable, inexpensive options for families that are on a strict budget but still need a flat grave marker to honor that special person in their life.

Bronze Grave Markers

We also specialize in bronze grave markers for families who are required by the cemetery to purchase this type of flat headstone. Some cemeteries require that all of the flat headstones placed in the cemetery be made of bronze and have a “granite backer” that attaches to the marker as a support foundation. Other times, families who contact us needing a bronze grave marker do so because the person who passed was a veteran. It is common to create a bronze grave marker for a veteran that will either be placed flat on the ground or mounted to the back of an upright headstone. If you are in need of a bronze grave marker for your loved one, give us a call to discuss options and pricing.